Horseshoe Farm Youth Programs

Very few levers contribute as much to community health as education and children’s wellbeing. Yet in our current educational system, teachers are challenged to find sufficient time to simultaneously support students who are academically behind and struggle to understand lessons because of competency gaps, students who are ahead and not being adequately challenged, and many other students who struggle with behavioral, attention/hyperactivity, emotional, and impulse control difficulties.  If you ask almost any teacher, they would say that students need more one on one relationship-based support to thrive and reach their maximum potential.

To help with this challenge, Horseshoe Farm Fellows provide high quality relationship-based student support to help teachers in their classrooms. Teams of two Fellows spend one hour three times per week (“Power Hours”) providing greater individual attention to small groups of students under the teacher’s guidance.  Fellows can work with students who are academically behind to help them catch up, with students who are academically ahead to push them further forward, or with other students who need special support.  They also provide mentorship and can incorporate enrichment activities that can be difficult to implement with larger groups of students. By dividing the students into small groups and working with Fellows, teachers gain much needed weekly time to give individual attention to all students.

We provide these Power Hours at our Marion site and are working with the Pomona Unified School District to provide these at our Pomona Site.  We are also working to expand Power Hours in our Greensboro site where we have a very successful K-8 after school program, summer program, and middle school youth works program.