Housing Programs

Project Horseshoe Farm supports three Enhanced Independent Living housing programs for women.   The programs provide loving and supportive homes for residents seeking affordable family-style living environments.  The programs pair safe and welcoming places to live with support such as transportation, companionship, and help navigating the often complex healthcare and social services systems.  Some residents choose to stay for extended periods while others choose to move back with family or into another apartment or home.  

We constantly seek to support and encourage residents in achieving their goals, and we seek to improve the quality of life of residents, to decrease the utilization of unnecessary health care and hospital services, and to improve or maintain level of function in a non-institutional environment.

If you or someone you know is interested and could benefit from the Enhanced Independent Living Housing Programs or if you have any questions about the programs, please call (205)710-6372. You can also email us at fellows@projecthsf.org.

*Because the homes are not assisted living facilities, we cannot accept residents in need of assistance with activities of daily living.