Project Horseshoe Farm is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with sites in Greensboro and Marion, Alabama and a coming site in Pomona, California (Summer 2020).  Since our founding in 2007 as a small after school homework help program, we have grown to become a comprehensive community health and leadership development program. From our start, we have been guided by our mission of working with and strengthening communities, improving the health and quality of life of our vulnerable neighbors, and preparing citizen service leaders for tomorrow's communities.

In communities across our nation, countless healthcare providers, teachers, and other community leaders are fighting hard on behalf of their communities and the people they serve, but they are not being set up for success in the current system. 

To help, Horseshoe Farm is bringing additional relationship-based support and programs as part of an integrated new approach to strengthening community health. We do this through a pioneering paid “gap year” Fellowship which is mobilizing a generation of top recent college graduates from across the nation. Fellows apply Horseshoe Farm’s time tested approach to positively impacting local health systems, schools, and community organizations as they learn to become leaders in community health.

Please consider joining us as we continue to spread our unique model for working with communities today, preparing needed service leaders for tomorrow, and creating an important new path for improving community health across our region and our nation.