HSF YouthWorks

Directed towards students ages 12 and up, the HSF YouthWorks program takes an innovative approach to helping young people build the skills necessary for employability and success. Students are placed on teams which over the course of the year plan and implement actual business models. Students learn about what it means to start and run a business, work on a team, and show the high levels of responsibility, hard work, and professionalism necessary for success. We currently have three tracks that are up and running (a clothing line: Syke Clothing, a car wash business: Car Wash Kids, and a meal preparation business: Meals Out). As part of the programs, students also continue to work towards their academic goals and progress.


SYKE Clothing

Hello! We’re SYKE, a group of Greensboro middle and high schoolers who are excited to start our very first clothing brand. Our company is called SYKE because it’s about having fun, joking with friends, and making people happy, all things that we want to our company to represent. Our unique design comes in all different colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for you, a family member, or a friend. We hope you choose to support this local business and invest in the future of Greensboro.


Car Wash Kids

Dirty car? Need a wash? Located conveniently right off Main Street, we’ll get your car looking looking like new again. We are a team of Greensboro middle school students starting our very first business. We offer a full exterior wash as well as interior cleaning, all done in no more than 25 minutes! If you would like to book an appointment, then click the button below. You can also choose to pay online via PayPal or Credit Card or in person with cash.


Meals Out

The Meals Out team plans, cooks, and serves 40-50 meals per week to vulnerable members of the Hale County community. Made up of Greensboro middle schoolers, our team emphasizes healthy eating and fresh vegetables from local gardens. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to donate or volunteer.


If you would like to volunteer or receive an application for your child’s enrollment in our HSF YouthWorks program, please call (205)-710-6372. You can also email us at fellows@projecthsf.org