Gap Year Fellowship 

From its founding, Horseshoe Farm has been dedicated to preparing the next generation of service leaders in healthcare and education. We offer an intensive community-based “gap year” service and leadership development program for top recent college graduates from around the nation. Since its launch in 2009, the pioneering program has attracted top students interested in non-profit leadership, social entrepreneurship, community health and education, and community-based service leadership.

During the 1 year (13 month) Fellowship, students are challenged to learn about and become engaged in our community as they are immersed in almost all phases and aspects of Horseshoe Farm's operations, organizational activities, and service programs.  

The competitive Fellowship is a unique opportunity for high levels of responsibility and mentored hands on learning in service, community, and leadership.  It is our attempt to provide a new model to prepare the citizen service leaders needed for tomorrow's communities. 

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