Since our founding in 2007, we have been dedicated to pursuing our mission of working with and building on the strengths of communities, improving the health and quality of life of our vulnerable neighbors, and preparing citizen service leaders for tomorrow’s communities.


Community, Citizenship, and Engagement 

Our relationship with communities is at the core of who we are as an organization.

It is Project Horseshoe Farm's mission to engage and work with communities to reinforce and build upon their strengths and values. Project Horseshoe Farm also aims to provide structure to support members of communities interested in providing help and service to vulnerable neighbors.



It is becoming increasingly clear that effective service to the most vulnerable among us requires an integrated approach that spans biological, psychological, social, and community dimensions.

It is Horseshoe Farm's mission to provide service leader driven and relationship focused community-based programs that improve the quality of life of our vulnerable neighbors.


Leadership Development

Healthcare, education, and many of the other institutions that form the foundations of our communities are in a period of rapid change.  We believe that we are going to need a generation of citizen service leaders who can help us see and build a better future for communities across our State and nation.

It is Horseshoe Farm's mission to help prepare citizen service leaders needed to help strengthen tomorrow’s communities.