Fall 2007

Worked with UA Community Developmental Law Clinic to establish Horseshoe Farm as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Spring 2007

Worked with Greensboro Elementary School, the University of Alabama (UA) Honors College, and the UA School of Social Work to launch an after-school tutoring program for 4th and 5th grade students

Fall 2008

Began buliding housing for Horseshoe Farm Fellows

Spring 2009

Inaugural class of 3 Horseshoe Farm Fellows Arrive

Winter 2009

Opened the first Enhanced Independent Living home for women

Spring 2012

Began hosting Adult Day Programs in original Community Clubhouse space on Main Street

Fall 2013

Started "Health Partners" program where Fellows paired with specific vulnerable adults in the community to provide companionship, support, and assistance

Spring 2014

The Historic Old Greensboro Hotel building was donated to Project Horseshoe Farm, and renovation of our new larger community center begins

Fall 2014

Awarded a 21st Century Grant to expand successful after-school tutoring Program to serve more than 80 students in grades K-12

Fall 2016

Launched the second Enhanced Independent Living Home for women

Summer 2017

Initiated partnership with Auburn University Rural Studio Architecture Program to build additional Enhanced Independent Living Housing units based on Rural Studio 20k home design, and to build a courtyeard space at the Horseshoe Farm downtown community center

Summer 2017

Completed first phase of renovation and launched community center on the 1st floor of the Historic Old Greensboro Hotel

Fall 2017

Worked with local property owner to develop third housing program for women who had graduated from Horseshoe Farm Enhanced Independent Living Housing programs

Fall 2017

Expanded after-school tutoring program amd implemented Employability and Success focued-curriculum to after-school programs

Summer 2018

Expanded Fellowship Class to 15 Fellows (12 new fellows, 3 returning) and continued to expand work with medical, nursing, social work, PA, and undergraduate students from Alabama and across the nation

Summer 2018

Launched pilot program in partnership with University of Alabama and other community partners to begin to replicate the Horseshoe Farm model in Marion, Alabama