Farming, Health, and Nutrition Fellowship

Through a collaboration with Bois d’Arc Farm (“BDA Farm”), Horseshoe Farm is pleased to offer a new paid gap year (13 month) Farming, Health, and Nutrition Fellowship. The competitive Fellowship is a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience on a working organic farm and to translate this work directly to Horseshoe Farm’s cutting-edge community health programs in Greensboro, Alabama. 

Two accepted Fellows will spend approximately half of their time working and learning with BDA Farm (planting and harvesting, helping with farming operations, and doing outreach work to farmers markets and partner restaurants in the region). 

The remainder of their time will be spent working in Greensboro with Horseshoe Farm’s Community Health Fellows to:

  • Manage and lead Horseshoe Farm’s meal delivery program for isolated and vulnerable adults in the Greensboro community.

  • Lead and provide cooking classes, snack and meal planning, and healthy recipes at Horseshoe Farm’s downtown community center for adults.

  • Help participants in Horseshoe Farm’s programs with their diet, nutritional, and weight loss goals.

  • Start and help lead a produce stand at Horseshoe Farm’s new downtown store.

  • Manage and lead meal planning in Horseshoe Farm’s housing programs for women.

  • Teach middle and high school students professionalism, team work, cooking, nutrition, and social responsibility by helping them plan and prepare meals for Horseshoe Farm’s meal delivery program.

  • Participate in weekly reading and discussion seminars with other Fellows and Dr. Dorsey covering topics including community involvement and engagement, biopsychosocial approaches to community health, organizational leadership and management, and health policy.

No cooking, nutrition, or farming background is required.  Humility, flexibility, hard work, maturity, integrity, curiosity, and an ability to work effectively with people and teams are the prerequisites.  The Fellowship is an ideal match for students interested in public and community health, food and nutrition, program leadership and development, and coaching, teaching, and behavioral change. 

The two accepted Fellows each receive an educational grant of $600/month, free housing, and the opportunity to work closely with an outstanding group of young leaders to help shape the future of community health.